Appointed membership

Appointed membership is open to:
1) professional individuals engaged in scientific research or education and meeting the following criteria: a) annually providing information about the conducted or undergoing projects and published papers on a subject of biodiversity inventory and taxonomy or educational programs and educational projects based on the knowledge of global biodiversity, functioning and distribution of organisms, global biodiversity crisis, climate change or destructive human impact on the environment; b) supporting the mission and objectives of B.A.B.I;
2) individuals who meet the following criteria: a) being able to contribute to the implementation of the mission and objectives of the Institute intellectually, financially or in some other ways; b) supporting the mission and objectives of B.A.B.I.
An appointed member may send a request to upgrade (advance) the membership to other, higher category of distinguished membership.

To apply, see "Procedures for application submission", where you will find an official application form.